Hello, I am Tonse Satish Rao. In short, call me Satish.

This blog-site is for expression of thoughts on various contemporary issues. The basis for blogs in this site are first hand experiences which I would like to share,  in the firm belief that you will not only like reading the same but will also find it useful.

Born in Udupi (Karnataka, India), my childhood was spent mostly in Udupi amongst green paddy fields, cricket grounds, Christian High Scool, Poornaprajna College and MGM College. Udupi is a temple town with Lord Krishna being the presiding diety. People of Udupi are fairly well known for their skills in running restaurants serving tasty but modestly priced South Indian snacks. One can find Udupi Hotels in many places in India. People of Udupi are also pioneers in banking as many major banks in India had their roots in and around Udupi (Corporation Bank, Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank, Vijaya Bank and Karnataka Bank). They also appreciate arts and culture with ‘Yakshagana’  being their favourite. I will strive to bring the flavour of Udupi in my blogs.

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  1. Hi,

    I am Ashwani and I would like to publish my article on your blog as a gest poster. Please let me know how can I post it. It’s related to Money through Online games. Please let me know.

  2. Hi,
    I am from Udupi and I do have “tonse” associated with my name – I belong to a place called Tonse, 12 KM from Udupi, near the Arabian sea and curious to know if you and me are connected

  3. Hello Mr. Satish, I am Mufakham Hussain (Head-Treasury Operations Unit-Kuwait International Bank. I am from Hyderabad, India. Hope your remeber me). Today your article about CRR was forwarded to me by Mr Abdulrub, our FX/MM Dealer.

    Keep in touch.


  4. Hi Satish,
    while going through your blog I feel as if you are before me narrating your experience. your fluency and lucidity in expression is lovely. keep it up.

  5. Words flow as smoothly as your thoughts and convert into easy reading. Very simple and very down to earth which we can all connect to easily. The sense of accomplishment on penning your experiences is something special and sharing with friends spreads that sense of joie de vivre! Keep it up. Best wishes and happy writing,

  6. Enjoyed reading your blog specailly the recent posting on life in Suratkhal and ‘Things that amuse me’. Good work.

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