Recently I came across this quote “You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway”. This brought flood of memories of my recent attempt (half successful one!) to change over from an Android Phone to iPhone 6!

I had one Android Phone with which I was pretty happy and then the model went ‘out of fashion’ (these days new models come every few months and make those having old model phones feel ‘out of sync’ with the present!)! Whenever I took out my phone, I felt that people around me started giving looks (like the one you give to the guy driving an Ambassador car in Indian roads these days!). I felt it was high time for me to change over to the latest iPhone6.

I went on a mission to hunt for an iPhone6 and I wanted a Gold colored one. I am always fascinated by Gold and am of the view that Gold can never go out of fashion! But this place appears to be full of guys who hold similar views and Gold colored iPhone6 was simply not available. After quite a difficult search in the summer months in Doha (Qatar), I was finally able to get a Gold colored iPhone6 (and that was the last piece in that store!). Then it came with a free phone cover. Now I was in quite a dilemma over using the phone cover which will hide the true color of the phone for which I had put in quite a bit of effort! But when I opened the package containing this iPhone cover, I found that the cover is a transparent one and people would still be able to see the true color of my iPhone – thank God for small mercies!

The events leading to stress began from this point : First was to get my Micro SIM changed to a Nano SIM. My wife and I ran down to the Service Centre of the mobile service provider in the middle of the night (just after purchase of the phone) as these centres are open till very late during Ramadan. But found out that there were huge number of people of awaiting their turn at this service center in that unearthly hour! So I had to go back next day for the Nano SIM. Once I had the Nano Sim, next challenge was to get my contacts loaded on to the new phone and here I managed somehow but had to some manual entry. Then came mails and calendars. Personal mail was easily transferred to iPhone but my office mail was a different cup of tea. I had to take the help of the IT guy in the office for that. Apps had to be downloaded again but thankfully, some apps like ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Runkeeper’ (which I use quite often) behaved quite well and took off from where I left!

Getting the music transferred from Android phone to iPhone6 was the next major challenge. I went through lots of material available on internet on how to do this but could not succeed. Ultimately, I had to depend on my son to do the needful during my visit to Bengaluru last month!

But finally I said enough is enough and will NOT try anymore to get other things (mainly apps and photographs) from Android phone, as that phone will anyway stay within the family! I let it go realising that I was never in control anyway! I never used most of the features of this Android phone and am sure that it will be the same story with iPhone6!

Post script: Ultimately, I do concede that iPhone6 does have some pretty good features which add value (apart from being ‘in sync’ with modern times!). It has a very good camera, finger print scanner, and nice apps. But still I miss that all familiar whistling noise and utility to go back to what I was doing by just tapping on bottom right!

But now I am feeling a bit let down! Apple have just announced that they are coming out with a new model of iPhone and I may have to shift again to be ‘in sync”!