I too saw “Ek Tha Tiger”!

I go to see Salman Khan’s movies more for their hype than the content! In recent times, his one movie after another has been a blockbuster. So invariably, I went to see Dabaang and Bodyguard and now Ek Tha Tiger!

As I am writing this on 23rd August 2012, I see reports that this movie has raked in Rs 150.40 crores nett in the domestic market in eight days. Ek Tha Tiger was released on 3,300 screens in India on August 15. Due to the Independence Day holiday, the movie received an earth-shattering response with its collection reaching Rs 32.92 crore nett on the opening day. The movie has shattered all records of previous blockbuster films like Ra.One, Agneepath, 3 Idiots, Dabangg and Bodyguard. Trade analyst feel that it has set a new collection record, which is difficult to break!

At the outset, Ek Tha Tiger is a smartly scripted, crisply edited and stylishly told love story. The action sequences, shot on locations as far apart as Zakho in northern Iraq, Istanbul Dublin and Havana, make a great viewing and yes,  Ek Tha Tiger has stunts that come close to taking your breath away.

Filmed on locations around the world, including parts of the world where Hindi cinema has rarely been to before, the story is about a RAW agent called Tiger who is sent to Dublin to investigate the mysterious ways of an anti-missile technology expert of Indian origin, Professor Anwar Jamal Kidwai (well portrayed by Roshan Seth). The scientist is suspected of passing on classified information to the Pakistani defence establishment. So the Indian spy befriends the part-time caretaker of his home, Zoya (Katrina Kaif) and his pugnacious pug (the dog is called Rocket). No mission is impossible for our man Tiger, and once he marks out his territory and goes in for the kill, his foes, no matter how wily they are, end up in body bags.

However, in this tale of a valiant spy and his all-out war to save the woman he loves from the intelligence agencies of two nations, the outcome isn’t wholly predictable. The hero takes uncharted detours to get to his eventual goal. When the spy struggles with the conflict between head and heart and weighs the pros and cons of falling in love with a girl as shadowy as him, the film tends to slow down a little. But such scenes are few and far between. With actors like Girish Karnad (as Mr Shenoy, a RAW Officer) and Ranvir Shorey (as Gopi, Tiger’s trusted operational aide) in the supporting cast, the Ek Tha Tiger manages to hold the interest of the audience till the end. Though in between one feels that movie has almost ended!

The action scenes appear to be very well filmed, especially the one involving a tram in Dublin! Katrina’s action scenes are also breathtaking! Katrina finally does much more than just singing and dancing in this movie!

There are many lose ends in the movie like instant availability of a get-away aircraft, withdrawing huge amount in Dollars from an ATM (from apparently an INR saving account!). But in the end, these do not matter. When you come out of the movie theatre, you feel as if you have achieved a land mark of having seen a “must see” movie – mainly not to lag behind in any discussions in social gatherings!

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  1. Well written Satish! Should try your hand at writing printed articles for newspapers where you can grab good number of eye balls. Review of movies and sports with good english and punctuations attract me a lot than mere commentary. Regards.

  2. The review of Ek Tha Tiger I
    s very interesting and complete.Enjoyed reading. Will try to see.

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