SRK, Afridi and Laloo

It appears that as Laloo Prasad fades into oblivion, SRK is eager to take his place. But SRK has a method behind all this. To think of it, Laloo too had the same. Media loved Laloo as he made a good copy. Laloo wanted to be in limelight to further his political career and SRK wants limelight as we approach release of his movie “My Name is Khan” . Yes, he wants a smashing hit – to be in the reckoning after the smash hit of his rival’s “3 Idiots”. Last time around, his “Rab Ne Banaadi Jodi” was badly done in by his rival’s “Ghazani”.

SRK is very sad that none of the IPL Teams picked up any Pakistani Players. He conveniently forgets that his team too did not bid for any. Its fine to preach but it is all together different thing to practice what one preaches. Even now, I read in the media, that Knight Riders have not yet made-up their mind on Abdul Razzaq and are saying Yes-No-Yes-No to him.

Taking on Shiv Sena, along with the uncrowned prince Rahul Gandhi , when Congress is in power in the state as well as the centre, does make abundant sense. Further, it does not take too much courage to take the Sena goons head-on, if your name is Shah Rukh Khan and you live in a fortress called Mannat with your own retinue of armed guards.

I almost expected SRK to join Afridi by defending him against Cricket establishment and Australians (Who mercilessly defeated Pakistanis – so Australians should be taught a lesson). Taking on Australians would have been another popular gimmick, given the present day news emanating from Australia. SRK’s defense of Afridi would have gone like this “I have been giving Afridi lessons in acting and he just acted out on all those cameras on the field that cricket ball is the forbidden fruit and can be gnawed as if it was made of Swiss Chocolate”.

Shiv Sena was too eager to catch the bait and now we have entire media tom-toming every word of SRK, Thackeray and all those lesser mortals in between.

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