Things that Amuse Me

A lot of things keep us amused these days. Consider these:

  1. All those important looking people on NDTV (including likes of Rahul Gandhi) keep on saying every Indian should feel free to travel and stay anywhere in India in relation to what is currently happening in Mumbai.  But these very people kept quiet and looked the other way when Kashmiri Pundits were uprooted from their home land and driven out. This is amusing.
  2. Another Rahul (Rahul Mahajan) is looking for a suitable girl to marry in a TV Reality Show. The pretty girls in this show are all educated with most of them engaged in modeling, acting, designing etc. Some of them are lecturers and some are students. But when asked about Obama’s full name they come out with gems like “Obama Bin Laden”. Another one says Mahabharat was written by Parashuram. Yet another says that Nagaland is in Colombo (!). This is definitely amusing.
  3. India did well in test cricket especially against Bangladesh and Srilanka. Against South Africa, it was innings defeat in flat four days. Dale Styne made monkey of all our demi-gods. World No. 1 team biting dust in its home ground is ………not very amusing.
  4. Henry Paulson, Ex US Treasury Secretary who presided over the unfurling of economic crisis says that bankers are overpaid. He himself was paid USD 18.7 million cash bonus for his final six months of work on Wall Street in 2006. This is interesting.
  5. Japanese car makers, particularly Toyota is in crisis because of quality concerns…..unthinkable
  6. In Goa, Ministers keep saying things like “There is no crime in Goa”, “Drugs are not sold in Goa” – But every other week, Goa is in news for wrong reasons…….No comments
  7. Bore-wells in India are better known for……..gobbling up small children. This is pathetic.
  8. IPCC, Noble Prize winner and Champion of save the earth campaign claims in a report that there is “high likelihood” of Himalayan glaciers disappearing by 2035 – based on flimsy sources. This is more than amusing.

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